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My sister in law eh

Hi now, my name is Amy and I have been a lazy little cow not blogging to my ones of readers (Hi Amie!). I keep meaning to, but I seriously drink too much in the evenings. Or maybe I've become too accustomed to twitter and I can't follow through on any thoughts more than 140 characters. Anyway, my SIL has just moved in, so I'm thinking I'm going to need somewhere the vent. Will you let me vent at you bloggy wog? I really don't like this situation, particularly because I'm fond of walking around in my undies and guzzling the wine after my baby goes to bed. Also, we've shared two dinner time meals together, and both times after I said I was full she said "good girl, you won't blow out too much if you don't go for seconds". Seriously. We think her partner (who is staying in Townsville until they've saved enough cash to move all their furniture down and rent a house) is emotionally abusing her. She keeps chiming into our conversations about food with odd things like that. She asked if she could be taught how to cook risotto- even though her partner says she can't eat rice because she blows out when she gets on the carbs. Seriously! She also constantly talks about her weight and how she's thinner now then before she had her daughter who is 8 months old. Pfft whatever.

Anyway, my home town is flooding right now. Lots of friends and family have lost their cars and houses and what not. My bro's house is completely under water. My parents live on a hill though. I just pray that they have flood insurance (but really, who would have flood insurance in a country town that has been in drought almost my entire life?)

Over and out!



Mar. 2nd, 2010 07:23 am (UTC)
Hi Amy.....

Yes vent wherever and whenever you need to! It's best vented than festering inside.

Sounds like your SIL has some serious weight issues. How she ever survived her pregnancy, if she had to listen to statements about her weight, is beyond me. Don't let her comments affect how you feel about yourself and how you eat though. I mean, she's only there for a short time right, so brush her silly comments off and ignore them. It certainly does sound like something is up in her household if she's speaking like that and you don't need to take on her crap while she's there.

Floods....man i hope they subside and everyone is safe and sound. Yeah, who would have flood insurance in a town which has been in drought for so long.....I hope something can be sorted out if they didn't....it's certainly not something that would cross ones mind though. Fingers crossed, and thank goodness for hills hey?!?!?

Look after yourself, ignore the comments from SIL and do what you want to do...it iIS after all YOUR house! :)