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Venty McVent

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, it's because I'm a lazy shit. Every time I go to blog I realise that whatever I want to share is irrelevant and trivial. Much like this blog! But I need to vent.


It has been 7 weeks and counting since SIL moved her shit into our house. Before she came we agreed that she would pay $75 a week rent and she wasn't bringing her dog. Well, at the seventh week and counting we have been paid $0.00 and counting (well, no need to count) and our home is now shared with a stupid yappy mutt that has transformed our dog into an equally yappy mutt and two birds that fling shit everywhere in our den. Upon questioning her this week about the missing rent she simply said "oh I don't have any money, I'll pay you in a lump sum at a later date". When Rick pointed out that she brought pets down without asking she said "I did tell you, you forgot". The other day I made Rick tell her not to put shitty baby nappies straight into the washing machine, intead soaking them in a bucket of nappysan like the rest of us. She just did her washing at 10:30 tonight and my line is adorn with a whole lot of stinky nappies - that haven't seen a bucket since they were catching poo and wee on my neice. Now this begs the question: does she think we're fucking stupid??? This is the same woman that everyone in the family (even alpha-male Rick) is afraid to cross. The same woman that charged Rick $50 a week to live on her couch when he was much younger, and if he didn't pay on time or God forbit ate something from her fridge she'd chase down the street. I'm so sick and tired of this situation! This is MY HOUSE!

I don't really need to go on, but I will. She fills my vege crisper with her stupid yogurts and uses my laundy powder and happily eats my home cooked meals without so much as an offer to cook the next night. She uses my toiletries! My little sister asked me a few months ago if she could move in for a month while trying to relocate to Brisbane, and you know what we told her? "no." Because this is our marital home, where we are raising our first born and trying to live in harmony. Fucking harmony.

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